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A Vital System Services CCTV system uses video cameras to capture, analyse and record activity. They play a major role in protecting business premises and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CCTV provides the means to record criminal activity for evidential purposes as well as Health & Safety issues within the workplace. Other applications include monitoring production lines, crowd control and traffic with automatic number plate recognition.

Vitals’ CCTV systems can operate continuously for real-time viewing or be triggered by specific events. Recordings can then be viewed / copied when required.

CCTV systems work particularly well for large or exposed sites and provide an alternative to the out-of-hours continual live monitoring of images.

The high quality DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) we use allow for remote access to the site via a smartphone or other internet connected device. Our systems can also incorporate an on site audio system to listen as well as announce at the site, this is a useful option to warn intruders they are under surveillance.

Our systems use HD grade cameras and provide excellent night light coverage. These cameras can also be fitted to most current coax based systems to improve future image performance.

Like most electronic systems a CCTV system needs regular maintenance, Vital provide 24/7 all year support agreements to ensure reliable operation of your system. We needn’t have installed the system to maintain it.

Our site visits include:
  • Lens Adjustment and cleaning
  • Hard Drive Check
  • Signage survey to ensure a site meets current standards
  • Cable and Power Supply check
  • Full diagnostics of DVR functions
  • Full written report

Whether you require us to design and install a new CCTV system or to upgrade and maintain an existing system, we can help. Click Here to send an enquiry.